About ITC:

ITC is one of the India’s foremost private sector companies with a robust portfolio of traditional and Greenfield businesses encompassing Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Hotels, Paperboards and Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business and Information Technology. ITC is the only company of comparable size in the world to be carbon positive for 9 years in a row, water positive for 12 consecutive years and solid waste recycling positive for the last 7 years.

In the Paper and Paperboard domain, ITC has developed a farm plantation programme, with buy- back guarantee, which provides employment and income to farmers, and uses high-yielding, site specific, disease-resistant clones and a comprehensive package of plantation and management practices to ensure constant supplies of high-quality raw material to our manufacturing facilities.

Under this programme, ITC sells these clones to farmers for a nominal fee, and provides extensive support in terms of know-how of best practices like efficient inter-cropping, protecting plants from insect attacks, soil nutrients and logging. ITC also provide the farmers with a buy-back guarantee at the current prevailing rates when the tree matures. This initiative has greened over 1,63,000 hectares and created cumulative employment of 73 million person-days.